Refund Policy

Our refund policy ensures that if you ever change your mind with any of our products, you will receive the same exact quality treatment that you received while purchasing. We have an excellent refund policy in place, although we are sure that you will never need to use it. In any case, just in case that you need to, our return policy has been simplified in order to ensure a no-stress treatment. Sometimes you may get a product only to realize later that it was not what you wanted. In such case, you can return that and get your money back with no issues whatsoever. Note that the handling and the shipping charges when you are shipping back to us are yours. We will take the liberty to determine whether your reason for returning the product is genuine or not in order to professionally handle the situation.

We will give you 30 days to return any product as we know that this is a fair time-line for you to have used the product which you have purchased. The shipping means that you use to return the products are entirely your choice, as long as it gets to us within the time frame allotted to you. Please make sure that you give us the tracking number via email or via the phone so that we can follow the progress of the package with the carrier that you purchased, so that we are able to efficiently and effectively and swiftly return your monies to you.

Remember to send us a note explaining why you returned the product. It is also smart to have a genuine reason for doing that so that if we are to blame, we know where and how so that we can rectify that. Ensuring that our clients and customers receive the best is our utmost goal and if you are displeased in any way about with our products, we will try to make it better for all. Our job is to always improve on every aspect of our business. Exchanging products are allowed but, however, note that when we are shipping the exchange product to you, the shipping charges for the first product do not apply. Therefore, you will have to pay the shipping charges for the exchange product.

As you buy your formula, it is important that you check out every product carefully so that you know that what you have added to your cart, is what you really wanted to purchase Checking once or twice to ensure that you do have the correct item is recommended, as our eyes do play tricks on us all. It happens to the best of us! Our job is to assist you in all the areas of your’s experience, even if you do have to unfortunately return a product. In all aspects, we are here to serve you with the best experience possible